Abstract Submission

Deadline: March 1st, 2023 

If you submitted an abstract in September, you do not have to re-submit unless you want us to update the program book. 

Abstract submission is open to trainees and PIs, and we specially welcome trainee contributions. 

Abstracts should include a short title and a 300 word summary describing the study's primary findings, emphasizing their significance, generality, novelty, and relevance. You will be asked to copy this 300-word summary into a text-only box. This summary is the only information included in the conference program if your submission is accepted.

The person who plans to present the work ('presenting author') should submit the abstract. You will receive an email confirmation once submission is finalized. If you appear as a co-author on multiple submissions, please use the same name, email, and affiliation on all your submissions.

Authors who are selected for posters and talks will be notified in mid March.